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It’s okay if you have no idea what the #BottleCapChallenge is… neither did we.

The latest trend that’s sweeping the internet is to do a roundhouse-style spin kick, and only kick the cap off a bottle – without knocking the entire bottle over.

Seems silly, right? It is! But that’s the fun of it.

John Mayer, being a multi-millionaire, clearly has lots of time on his hands. He started off the challenge with this flawless display:

After his now infamous Instagram post, tons of other celebrities have decided to join in on the challenge. Check out a few more celebrity attempts!

Ellie Goulding did the challenge justice!


David Spade even did his own rendition, goofy facial expressions and all!

So, who is your favourite celebrity #BottleCapChallenge warrior? Let us know over on Facebook!