He’s the Laurel to my Hardy…okay, not that I have a moustache, wear a bowler or have ever
appeared in silent films… All I know is that when this guy’s in a room, everyone’s laughing, oh,
AND eating. This guy is Chef Craig and he’s a Vancouver fixture who has been Executive Chef
with the Glowbal Group and enjoys feeding people’s faces. And he’s REALLY good at it.
He’s been a regular on CTV News and has the hosts chortling into the green screens trying to
keep a straight face. He’s been a celebrity chef at EAT Vancouver, an ambassador for 4
Merchants and has even done a book reading. Yeah, okay, it was my book, but NON-THE-
LESS, the dude is one good egg.
Also, being in the hospitality industry with the biggest movers and shakers, he’s seen a lot and
he’s gonna share some does and don’ts when you’re in a restaurant. He’ll also share what it’s
like to cultivate a relationship with his lovely wife and two kids on a Chef’s crazy schedule. I’m
thinking humour is a big part.
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Young, sassy and full of life is how I would describe my next guest, Rebecca Traub. She’s
Founder and CEO of This is Populist. Populist is Vancouver’s first visual guide to the city. A
new, innovative digital media company showcasing the best that Vancouver has to offer through
informative, entertaining, and cinematic “snackable” video listicles.
The lower mainland can be a tricky place to navigate the dating scene, so Rebecca’s gonna give
us the inside scoop on THE places to go. She’s also got juicy bits on her site and has tagged the 9
hottest chefs in Vancouver. Heyyy, wait one hot minute! I wonder if Chef Craig made it on the
list? Hmm, we’ll have to find out now won’t we?
Join me while we delve into the scene in the lower mainland and see what the trends and go-to
places are for 2018.
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