Reality TV star Kim Kardashian recently revealed she’s switching botox for books (yeah, and hells frozen over)

Ok, her news may not be THAT extreme but she likely will have less time for botox as she’s made the decision to go back to school to become a lawyer.

How she’s going to do that without ever completing college is beyond me, but I’m sure her money, I mean mind will find a way!

Personally I feel the whole thing is a publicity stunt to either be taken more seriously or switch up her brand appeal but regardless you have to give her credit for switching things up.

Turns out South of the Fraser, we’re also home to some fierce women who have made a bold career move.

Earlier this week Pulse FM’s very own Leah Holiove announced she’s signing off the airwaves for good to pursue an entirely different career that she prefers to keep private.

“I got to a point where I thought I want to explore other things and see what else drives me, so I’m doing a complete change, it couldn’t be more 180 than what I’m doing now but it’s also a passion of mine so I thought you know what, now or never,” says Holiove.












(Listen to Leah’s audio)


North Delta resident Jackie Storms has also done a complete 180 with her career.

Tired of working in the electrical/ construction industry for more than 20 years, the 41 year old mother of two now has her dream job working as a doula South of the Fraser.





(listen to Jackie’s audio)

“I never wanted to be in an office environment and sit in an office all day but I did it because I had to. Once my kids were old enough, I decided now is the time to do what I really should’ve done all along which is something in the health care field.”

Storms says she was able to take part time courses online while still working her office job which allowed her to smoothly transition to her new career,  one she now couldn’t imagine her life without.

“This morning I got to hold and rock a newborn baby for two hours, it doesn’t get better than that.”