A regular complaint from anyone from teenagers to senior citizens is always, ‘It’s too early for Christmas commercials’. When you hear that complaint in June you have to admit – they have a point. But when is it okay to start seeing holiday commercials – or holiday displays for that matter? For me my attitude has always been, ‘Anytime after November 11th.’  The reason I believe that is probably due to my father being a veteran and therefore November 1st-11th should be dedicated to remembering those who fought for us. Most people would argue that’s what Remembrance DAY is for and although I have my thoughts – when is it okay to start thinking about the holidays? I posted my daily poll for November 1st asking just that: ‘When is it appropriate for Christmas and Holiday commercials to begin?’ The dates I posted to the poll are: Nov 1st, Nov 12th, Dec 1st, or Anytime. Although I write this after just posting the poll I will just say this – if you think, ‘anytime’ is okay to start seeing anything holidays, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your nasal passages. NM