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Kaija Farstad

I am Kaija Farstad, Green Party of Canada Candidate representing Langley-Aldergrove.

I live in Walnut Grove, am 45 years old and, as a teacher-librarian as well as a single parent of a gifted child, elite athlete, and an autistic child,

I have an absolute ton of life experience to contribute to this position.

I also write Young Adult fiction, competed internationally for Canada both 5 and 6 years ago, have extensive experience leading wilderness trips for teenagers, and care about all kinds of people.

I think leadership is a position of service and sacrifice, not entitlement or privilege.

I 100% agree with Elizabeth May’s proposal to form a ‘war cabinet’ on climate change that is comprised of leaders from different parties working together. Collaboration is more stable, more powerful, more economically viable, and more engaging than mini-tyrannies that change every 4, 8, or 12 years.

My top three issues are the climate in number 1, of course, and our Mission:Possible! outlines in point form the many ways we plan to tackle this, including the transition from fossil fuels to renewables while keeping jobs for all those fossil fuel workers.

My second most important issue is reconciliation, which is closely tied to poverty. Settlers and their descendants have paid lip service to the idea of reconciliation for too long, and it’s time to actually address it. Reconciliation means not having to say you’re sorry again because you’re doing something different.

Third issue is interconnected social issues of health care, education, and housing. I live in the Lower Mainland. In order for my son to play elite hockey, I live in a one bedroom basement suite with my two teenagers (one of them has the bedroom).

Affordability is a huge issue.