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Here at Pulse FM, we think it’s safe to say that 90% of our team can’t function without a strong cup of coffee (or 2… or 3) every day!

If you can relate to us, we’d like to introduce you to Finest Cup, a coffee wholesaler and retailer in Fleetwood that specializes in high quality (grade 1 or 2) Ethiopian blends.

Finest Cup has you covered with all things coffee from A-Z. From their premium beans from Ethiopia, all the way to all the tools you’ll need to make that perfect pour over.

They have a friendly staff with extensive knowledge on coffee. So whether you’re a newbie to making your own coffee or a pro, they will make you feel at home.

And now this week on the Fleetwood Deals app, you can take your coffee obsession to the next level with $15 bags of various premium Ethiopian Coffee beans. Finest Cup Coffee at 160th street and 86A Avenue in Fleetwood.