Over at 107.7 Pulse FM, we’re eagerly awaiting this evening (Thursday, August 15th) when the Crash Test Dummies come to visit!

They’re an iconic band who gained a lot of traction in the 90’s, and are best known for their tracks ‘Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm’, ‘Superman’s Song’, and ‘Peter Pumpkinhead’, which was featured in the Dumb and Dumber movie!

And BONUS, we secured an interview with Ellen Reid from the Crash Test Dummies, and will be airing it periodically throughout the day on today! Listen in for it on The Ride with Neil Morrison!

And don’t forget to come and visit the Pulse FM crew – we will be live on location at the concert and will have a draw, where you can win a gift certificate to Fresh St. Market!

Check out the YouTube video below to see them in action!