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We’d like to extend a huge congratulations to Amanda from SanMar Canada, who nominated her office for a brand new printer from Laser Valley Technologies!

With tons of flyers, catalogue proofs, and more coming from the Marketing department that Amanda works in, they were having a lot of trouble with their pesky printer that they had been using for over a decade! They were only able to use it for colour corrections, and were forced to share a printer with the other departments, which Amanda said was getting hectic!

Perry Niehaus, the owner of Laser Valley Technologies, travelled personally to Amanda’s Vancouver office to drop off the Uli’s gift certificate, as well as the certificate from Laser Valley Technologies for up to $5,000. He also performed a custom appraisal while there in order to ensure that SanMar gets the best printer possible for their needs!

We are so pleased that a brand new printer will go to great use over at SanMar Canada’s Marketing department, and are so glad to have been a part of making this happen!

Thanks for entering, Amanda! We hope this new printer helps with making your workplace less frustrating and more efficient for everyone!

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Our winner, Amanda (right) and Perry from Laser Valley Technologies