A Coquitlam man has figured out the way to actually be able to afford a home in BC.. Winning the lottery!!! Easy right…?

Andrew Buhain won $500,000 by playing the Extra during the Christmas Day Lotto 6/49 draw and is still in shock saying “It’s so hard to believe”. Then he threw out the line that every other citizen of BC can probably agree with.. “I will be able to our first home.”. It only took winning the lottery for him to be able to acutally buy a house in BC.

Buhain said that he has often dreamed of moving into a brand new home with his family. When he shared the news with his wife, she started crying. Outside of being able to afford a home, Buhain says he’s going to start planning a vacation once he and his wife feel safe travelling again. The lucky ticket was purchased at the Real Canadian Superstore at 1301 Lougheed Highway, and he checked it at home using the Lotto! app.

PLEASE pass on some of that good luck to the rest of us!

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