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Name: Stephen Crozier

Stephen Crozier, candidate for the NDP in Surrey-White Rock

Current city of residence: White Rock

Age: 63

Occupation: Teacher

Political experience: I’ve campaigned door-to-door in a number of campaigns over the last few years and was Financial Agent for Democracy Direct – White Rock during the last municipal election.


1. Name the top three issues going into this federal election, in order of importance

1. environmental emergency

2. affordability

3. healthcare


2. How would you address those issues if you were elected?

  1. Cut subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and invest those funds in a just transition to the green economy.
  2. Build 500,000 affordable homes and move toward free post-secondary education.
  3. Make pharmacare truly universal and provide head-to-toe healthcare (dental care, eye care, mental health care)


3. What makes you the best person for this job?

I am not tied to one of the corporate parties, the Conservatives and the Liberals. As a teacher, I’m dedicated to providing a fair future for youth, and as a labour activist I know that it is only through the hard work of the working class that we will succeed in combating the climate emergency. I know that through public investment, as outlined in the New Deal for People and the Green New Deal, we can turn back from the climate catastrophe to which we are presently headed. Corporations, with their mandate of profit before people and the planet, are literally killing us, and Conservatives and Liberals continue to prove themselves as agents of these entities.