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I’ve got Fraser Valley’s very own Martha Stewart, sans the jail time, in studio on Tuesday. Angie Quaale (left) is owner of Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store, BBQ Pit Master, City Councilor for the Township of Langley and graces our tv screens with regular appearances as guest Chef on Global BC TV & CITY TV.

To know Angie is to know a woman who literally takes the bull by the horns and puts him on the grill. She’s been a firecracker in business and her personal life and isn’t afraid to give her opinion on EVERYTHING. An advocate for all things progressive, we’re going to be talking about how she does it all and where she finds the time for some hanky-panky with her honey David. There may be talk of chocolate drizzle.

Also in the studio, is the woman who many call Mama, in fact, Mama Carson to be exact. Mama Carson is a new author of The Guyed Book, a fun self-help on romancing women the old fashion way. You know, hold the door, bring the right flowers, light the candles. She’s been a lifelong romantic and a love enthusiast who, over the years, has been advising numerous men and women around the world on matters of the heart. Colleen believes that romance is the thank you in love, without it, love fades.

The impetus for the book was when her son Chance asked her for advice on all matters of the heart, and Mama Carson drafted a copy for him. When Chance passed away suddenly in 2007 broken hearted Mama Carson made some copies of Chances book to give to his best friends as a legacy and then put it away, with the rest of his belongings, in what she thought was forever.

Fast forward several years and her Unicorn spirit of a daughter, Crystal convinced her to revisit the book and have it published for all to enjoy. The Guyed Book is fun, sassy, and truly breaks it down into “male language” i.e. wonder what her favourite flower is…ASK HER!!!

I wanna hear from you! Do you have a dating or relationship story you want to share with me? Pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 so we can dish!

Talk to you at 7 on Tuesday night!