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Cyber Monday promises deals deals deals, right? That’s how the advertising goes anyway. To be honest, I have never bought into the hype that is Black Friday/Cyber Monday but clearly many do judging by the crowded parking lots last week. But do you really get the deals? Talking to some they believe that there were deals to be had, but you had to do your homework and know what you were getting before you just, ‘went shopping.’ Makes sense. Clearly some people get a little carried away with it all (One mall in Alabama had to close after shoppers began fighting each other for no apparent reason) Black Friday seems to be a time when good will and kindness get thrown out the window and the, ‘me, me, me’ attitude takes over. Says something about us as a human race, doesn’t it? Cyber Monday seems like the kinder, quieter, more peaceful neighbour. And it seems more are staying home on Friday and shopping from the comfort of their own homes more and more. Hopefully retailers take note – Cyber Monday is set to see North Americans spend almost 7 billion today. That’s a jump of  16%. Good luck finding that deal.