With Christmas just six weeks away, Oprah has officially released her ‘Favourite Things’ list! 










Every year on the Oprah Winfrey Show the talk show host would reveal and give away 72 of her favourite Christmas items to her lucky studio audience, with women losing their minds on national TV over things like vanilla scented candles and special can openers.

That was the power of Oprah. She could be giving away a simple blender and still women would the world would freak out. “Like, for food?! If Oprah loves it, I need one STAT!”

Almost all of the items on this year’s list are from black-owned companies to support the Black Lives Matter movement and can be bought on Amazon where when you use the code ‘OPRAH’ you receive a special discount.

Here are the top three items from this year’s list:

1) A  gold-plated necklace that spells out the word ‘VOTE’





2) Samsung Terrace LED TV that you can hang outdoors year round, is snow and heat resistant, retails for $4,000!









3) ‘The Mirror’
A full length mirror valued at $1,500 that at the push of a button turns into a fitness app where all of a sudden there’s a full-fledged fitness instructor there to whip you into shape!











If only they had a mirror that turned into a ‘virtual boyfriend’ every time you have a bad thought about yourself like ‘ugh my pores are so big, or muffin top much?’

All of a sudden this hot guy would appear telling you Eva Longoria’s ain’t got nothing on you babe. Now THAT I would buy!

– Vanessa xox
– @VanessaYbarra7