Delta is going down in the record book. What for? The worlds biggest Greenhouse. Oh sorry, let me expand on that a little. The world’s biggest LEGAL MARIJUANA GREENHOUSE OPERATION. 1.7 million-square-feet of recreation marijuana growth. An Ontario based company that already provides 1/3rd the total legal marijuana Cannabis in this country have teamed up with a BC company to create BC TWEED. And this location will grow the most pot with 1.7 million sq/feet of space. That goes hand in hand with an operation they also have in Langley that – when finished – will grow marijuana using 1.3 million acres. They’re a few months away from both operations being up and running. No idea what kind of security will be needed for both operations. Right now it is predicted by 2020, Legal Marijuana will bring in some $36 Billion dollars. Can’r wait to see what the government spends on the windfall.