It’s a dogs world and we recognize that fact on the Pulse FM morning show every time Master Dog Trainer Shelley Smith is on the show. She is such a wealth of information, always delivered in a caring and comforting way. You can do it! So much of what we learn about training our dogs is really about training ourselves. And, that’s where Shelley excels, not to mention her to-die-for homemade liver treats. This morning Shelley spoke to us about the importance of recall. In other words, when you say ‘come’ your dog returns to your side immediately. The training process is pretty straightforward; from what I gather and have seen first hand when you call your dog if they are greeted with love, affection and a treat you’re golden (pun intended). Always reward your dog’s positive behavior and just as importantly don’t scold your dog for not coming on command. Like everything you do, be nice to your dog, no matter what and the results will likely be favourable. Treating separation anxiety is a little trickier, can take a little longer and certainly requires more patience. It’s best to start with a puppy, but even fully grown dogs can benefit from some space apart. Smith says to go slow, start with 10-15 minute intervals, crating your dog while you’re away, slowing extending the time over the longer run. Crating your dog is desirable because of dogs natural want to den. Upon your return, don’t make a big deal of it, just be casual and say nothing. It can be a bit of an adjustment, but it really does work and it will make this easier for everyone. Got a question or a concern about your four-legged friend call Shelley Smith at 778.836.3647

Ian Power