Here are the TOP 10 Arguments Dog-Owners Face (which people without pets obviously don’t).

This is according to a new survey of 2,000 people by the company Chef & Brewer :

1. Who has to walk them
2. Who has to go and clean up their mess in the garden/on walks
3. One partner says the other gives the dog too many treats
4. Arguments about muddy car seats or the house being muddy
5. One partner wants the other to join them on a dog walk and they don’t want to
6. Who has to get out of bed to let them out in the morning
7. The dog has taken your seat on the sofa or bed
8. If the dog should be allowed on the sofa
9. You disagree on training techniques
10. One partner accuses the other of playing too roughly with the dog


( Source: Sheethappensprep. com)