Double Decker Buses are coming to Surrey, Delta, and Richmond this month.

To best prepare ourselves, we have your top 3 dos and dont’s of double-deckers buses today here on PULSE FM:

Do hold on to the handrail when climbing the stairs of the bus.
Do have your phone ready to take a lot of selfies/pics from the 2nd floor.
Do sit at the back of the bus, for a panoramic view of the city streets.

Don’t wear a short skirt if you plan on climbing the stairs to the top floor.
Don’t make your way to the 2nd floor if you’re afraid of heights.
And finally, Don’t attempt to go to the 2nd floor if your bus stop is one stop away, as you definitely don’t wanna miss your stop because you were too busy enjoying the view!


Photo Credit:  @Translink on Twitter