Thanksgiving is officially this weekend!

Obviously this year is not going to look like your typical Thanksgiving  i.e small, bubble-friendly parties and strapping on a mask before hugging grandma but still – never-ending turkey, stuffing, pie… there a better comfort food meal during the pandemic!

As fun as it is, any time a family gets together there can be awkwardness and drama – but when there’s a pandemic involved? Times that by ten!

Here are some ‘etiquette tips’ from the experts to make sure this year’s event goes as smoothly as possible!

1) If you’re the host, pick up the phone beforehand and call all the guests you’re inviting. Let them know whether masks and sanitizer will be provided at the party or if it’s a BYOPE affair (bring your own pandemic essentials) so everyone’s in the loop and prepared to feel as safe as possible.

2) Make sure everyone feels safe. Limit kitchen activity to just you(the host) in the kitchen to ensure physical distancing and provide extra space between chairs at the table.  Also, stock all bathrooms with plenty of sanitizer and soap!

3) If you yourself don’t feel comfortable going to a Thanksgiving dinner this year, that’s ok! Know there’s nothing wrong with sitting this year out if you don’t feel comfortable, no matter how many jabs and stink eyes your Mother in Law may be giving you.  Instead arrange a virtual meetup with your family later that night.

Happy Turkey eating!

– Vanessa xox