Nothing gets you more death stares than sniffling and coughing during a global pandemic, which is not great for those suffering from seasonal allergies.

Experts say pollen counts are higher than normal this year due to the long winter, which is unusual for Metro Vancouver. The weather abnormality was attributed to global warming, as it is one of the main reasons as to why trees tend to have a longer pollen season.

Dr. Joanne Yeung, a Vancouver-based allergist and pediatrician, stated “I have noticed that patients are describing their symptoms worse than previous years, I have people who didn’t have allergies in the past, and they are more noticeable this year.”

She also mentioned that people are on high alert for symptoms during the pandemic, which is also making them notice their allergies more.

She further added that most of the activities that are pandemic safe are outside. Most people with allergies usually try to avoid being outside, but it seems unavoidable this year.

It seems that those with allergies may have to invest in a “It’s just allergies” sign to carry around.