Activity-filled family vacations! I have never been brave enough.

Our family is so busy that we usually crave quiet downtime on vacations!  We have been lucky enough to travel every few years to somewhere with a pool or a beach and haven’t had any “bored” kids… yet!

We have been telling our kids that “Disneyland isn’t a real place” in a half-joking way… as they got older they called us on it!  It just seems like so much coordination, planning and COST!  We aren’t likely to take the plunge.

Another more recent popular destination for Lower Mainland families is Great West Lodge, an indoor water park a few hours away in Washington, USA.  My kids have NOT asked us to go there, thank goodness as this just doesn’t appeal to me… I love sitting by an OUTDOOR pool, but spending a week in a moist, indoor area chasing children around a pool is just not my jam!  I have heard amazing things about it but it’s just not for me!

As we basically live in a rainforest, we like to escape to sun and sand over water-based vacations!