This Sunday June 17th will be a hard day for me. It is of course Father’s Day and I will be celebrating my dad but in a different way. I lost me dad three years ago and it doesn’t get easier for me, I was a daddy’s little girl. It amazes me that it has been three years since he left us when it seems just like yesterday. There are three days in the year that hit me the hardest, his birthday which is on Christmas Eve and yes it does make Christmas a little harder now, the day he died on May 13th and on Father’s Day. I miss him every day of the year but those three days I dread the most.

However this Sunday I will try and just think of the good times we had and what a great man he was and how he affected my life. I choose to celebrate his life on Father’s Day and not think about what I am missing out.

So if you are like me this Father’s Day and don’t have your dad around, know you are not alone. I feel your pain and for me it is a daily struggle, but I know I am not alone.

Miss you dad. Happy Father’s Day.