Dating might be dismal right now during the pandemic, but once social restrictions are lifted and we can get out there again, here’s “five things women notice” that you’ll want to make sure to have down pat to nab that cute girl’s number!

SmellThe one thing that is a turn-off for both men and women is the bad smell – bad breath, body odour, not exactly the stuff romance is made of! Always brush your teeth properly, apply deodorant when leaving the house and make sure you wear a clean pair of socks every day to avoid the buildup of smell in the feet.

BodyNot all women want a guy who is like ripped with six packs and massive arms. Neither do they want a guy who has a belly so big that they can’t see their own feet. More often than not, they are impressed with somebody who has a nice physique. That means you should have a toned down body. So guys, go out and get some regular exercise done.

Good Company – If the guy has a woman with him then chances are the other ladies won’t give him a second glance. However, if there is a man then she will see the other man too. If they look respectable then she will have a good impression on you.

SkinIf you have good healthy glowing skin then the ladies are going to be more sexually attracted to you.

Voice – Your first words should be said in a clear yet smooth voice. You don’t want to sound too high pitched or spell out your words at one go.

I can totally vouch for voice!

I ended up meeting my fiance Deryck in this dark parking lot on our first date (creepy, anyone?). Turns out the pub we were supposed to meet at had shut down for good, so there we stood two strangers in the COMPLETE dark, so dark I couldn’t even see his face, all I had to go off of were his pipes which thank god sounded nothing like  Gilbert Gottfried‘s! In fact I remember thinking how “techy yet sexy” his voice sounded (whatever that means lol?), and let’s be honest how I hadn’t had a date in over a year, so why not give it a go. We then met at a pub around the corner and as they say the rest is history! 

– Vanessa xox