Do you ever find yourself looking at your empty plate trying to recall or remember what you just ate?

I believe creating mindfulness when eating is one of the most important tools in maintaining weight loss and lasting health and wellness. Numerous studies have determined that when one practices mindful eating there is weight loss. Every. Single. Time!

The connection with our bodies, – what, why and when we are eating – can determine an experience of success or derailment in our fitness goals.

Here are 5 tips to help create Mindfulness in your day to day.

1: Ask your self “Am I Hungry” or “Am I sad, mad, lonely or bored?”  Food can often be used as an emotional crutch with mindless eating, instead of dealing with unwanted feelings. Learn to recognize and connect to your hunger cues instead of eating your emotions.

2: Use your senses when eating. Taste, touch, appearance, texture and smell.

3: Take your time! It takes your brain 20 minutes to register that you are full when eating. So chewing the suggested amount of 25-32 times, will not only aid in digestion but will bring you to that desired time.

4: Resist standing in front of the fridge mindlessly eating or snacking while preparing meals.

5: Take a moment before you eat to give thanks for your meals. Standing in gratitude for what you have been given is a way to connect with your food and body.

By practicing mindfulness we can become more deliberate and intentional in what we are eating, focusing on health, rather than substituting emotions for food.

– Aeryon Ashlie

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