If you’ve been chasing the sun and are planning a trip to the Okanagan, this may be helpful!

As Vancouver has been experiencing record-breaking high gas prices, it’s actually getting more affordable to fly to some destinations than it is to fill up and drive yourself.

For example, you can get roundtrip flights from Vancouver to Kelowna this June for $78 via Flair – and that’s a lot less than a tank of gas for most people these days.

Assuming gas is $2.150 a litre and your tank holds 45 litres, a tank of gas could cost you $96.75.

We also found flights for $91 via Lynx Air and West Jet flights were going for around $161 which could still technically be cheaper than gas both ways for a larger vehicle.

Of course, you might need to rent a car while you’re in Kelowna to get around. But you also don’t need one. There are plenty of tour operators that can drive you from your hotel to the wineries, you can rent a bike, or take a taxi (DailyHive).


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