Fundraising.  It seems I’m always getting a sheet home about one thing or another.  Between school, activities, and sports, there’s always additional costs to be covered through some kind of group fundraising!

Unfortunately, my selling skills are extremely weak with limited extended family (purchasers)… And since every kid on the street goes to the same school, the market is saturated for coupon books and chocolates.

Let’s face it, the parents do a large chunk of the selling whether through work or online.  Which is fair, since they’re the ones who are saving the actual cash.  But in the end, do we actually save anything?  I literally just told the parent at my door selling Girl Guide cookies, that I’ll buy a box from her little Spark if their family buys a box from us!  (Who can look a 5 year old girl in the face and say no to cookies!)

It’s a little bit of a you buy from me, I’ll buy from you… and 99% of the time, there’s chocolate involved!  Call me what you will but I prefer a good pub night (excuse to go out) or a 50/50 draw ($$$) over having to sell perishable goods to my loved ones.  Plus, we tend to end up eating the profits. (“No granola bars left in the cupboard?  Grab yourself a box of the WORLD’S FINEST CHOCOLATES!”)

Also, I am still a little bitter that I spent 10 childless years buying chocolate (back when my metabolism was much higher), wrapping paper, books, and raffle tickets from co-workers and then left the job!  It’s payback time!