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If you’ve stopped to fill up your car in recent days, you may have been completely taken aback at the current gas prices in Metro Vancouver.

But as of Wednesday morning, we’ve never seen prices quite this high. A litre of regular has hit 182.9 in some parts of MV.. surpassing previous records in the region.

Some people have reported higher and experts blame the surge in prices on a number of factors, such as global instability.

Roger McKnight, chief petroleum analyst, En-Pro International, says if the current prices have you surprised, you may want to brace yourselves for the coming days.

When it comes to relief from these rising prices, McKnight says that may not come until this spring. He warns Metro Vancouver could even see prices hit as high as 189.9 at some point — but only time will tell.

“You’re going to see the highest prices you’ve ever had over the next three months,”


Despite the high prices, McKnight says they may not deter everyone from getting back behind the wheel.

“I think what’s overwhelming that philosophy of demand destruction is the fact that people have been locked in their living rooms and basements for about, going on three years now. There’s a lot of cash sitting around, there’s a lot of frustration that people want to get out of their system. People want to get back on the road. Certainly $2 a litre would get people saying, ‘I don’t think I’ll go out today.’ But I can’t really see that happening, or if it did, it wouldn’t stick.”


Driving Road Trip GIF by SoulPancake