Body Piercing to me is like tattoos, you either love them or you hate them. While tattoos have become widely accepted by society, body piercing has not seen the same acceptance. Ears are probably the exception. As Canadians we don’t see a woman with pierced ears we are taken back. Pierced ears on a man – once looked at with a sort of disdain – looks today like the norm. But whereas everyone had a piercing(s) say 20 years ago, men have seemed to have gone more towards tattoos. Again, with ears being the exception, piercing of other body parts seems to still show society that the person sporting a pierced eyebrow, or nose, or anything other body part – it signals to a lot of people a sense of rebellion and even perhaps a liberal mindset. Still, like a tattoo there’s good piercings and there’s bad ones. It’s up to the individual to differentiate the two.