The City of Langley is asking for the public’s help on how they’d like to see the Fraser Highway one-way redesigned. The one-way will always be a special place to me. I remember in my early 20s when my younger sister and me were both unemployed we literally spent every day hanging out on the strip drinking coffee and questioning our lives. I say that in jest cause really we had some of the best times in that area hanging out at McBurney’s coffee shop, browsing vinyl records at Crazy Bob’s Music Emporium and checking out random wedding dresses at Everything But the Groom Bridal Boutique, we didn’t want the days to end when we’d actually have to work.

That being said, the one-way could use a face lift. Many of the store front signs are faded and the area could use some new, younger businesses to freshen it.  If you treasure the oneway like I do and want to see it thrive for years to come make sure to take part in one of the open houses mentioned in the City of Langley release below asking of the public’s thoughts on how the one-way could be a more modern, inviting space for Langley and South of the Fraser residents.


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Following consultation with residents and businesses this summer on what they most like and most want changed about the Fraser Highway One-Way, Langley City is now seeking input on potential designs for the new One-Way, with intent to select and proceed with detailed design of a preferred option.

Consultation will take place from September 20 to October 4, including two open houses at Timms Community Centre/City Hall and an online survey.

The planned replacement of aging underground utilities on the One-Way has created an opportunity to redesign the street, creating a more welcoming area for businesses and visitors along this treasured part of Langley City. Design options respond to key public interests for trees and greenery, vibrant public spaces such as patios and gathering areas and improved pedestrian experience, with safer crosswalks, sidewalks and lighting.

“Every year, we see more people moving to Langley to enjoy everything our community has to offer. Initiatives such as the Fraser Highway One-Way Improvement Project help us to plan together for the future and give everyone a say in what our downtown should look like,” says Mayor Schaffer. “We are excited to provide designs that reflect what people said they wanted, and to hear which design people prefer and why.”

To find out more and participate:

1. Attend one of two open houses

Saturday September 22,  11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Timms Community Centre
20399 Douglas Crescent, Langley, BC

Tuesday, September 25, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Council Chambers, Langley City Hall
20399 Douglas Crescent, Langley, BC

For more information about this project, please contact Doug Hyde, Project Manager at or (604) 808-5881.