What is the threshold for fuel prices in Surrey and Metro Vancouver? Put aside for a nano-moment that at 4:45 in the morning it can be a real challenge just to find a gas station, let alone one that is open. When the “hey dumb dumb the gas tank is empty” light comes on your vehicle’s dashboard and it’s the middle of the night and you just have to get to work $1.549 seems like a reasonable amount to pay for a litre of regular gas, even if it’s only 5 bucks down a-pop. At this rate, plan for a very long spring/summer driving season especially if you’ve even given a passing glance at your kids piggy bank up on the shelf. And, if you believe regular Pulse Mornings guest Dan McTeague of GasBuddy brace yourself for $160.00 per litre and in a very worse case scenario it’s not inconceivable to think we could pay as much as $3.50 per litre. That brings me back to my original question what is the threshold for the lower mainland driver, who are now paying among, if not the highest prices in North America, to park their car? Will we see the same kind of thing we saw with Port Mann bridge tolls, where at a certain height in tolls many drivers opted for non-tolled routes. Between the taxes and the apparent shortage in supply it’s a classic case of supply and demand, unless there was no demand. What if we all just said NO, for just one day or two — we all refrained from buying all gas on a chosen day, we could at very least send a message. Maybe the end is nigh for fossil fuels and we best get used to it? Where is the line and at what point do you not cross it?

Ian Power