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It is that time of year again… JUNE.

Before kids, June is a happy time, a time when you start to hit the patio for brunches and day drinks, break out your chic sun hats and adorable stiletto sandals.

Fast forward ten years and June is all about field trips,  unpredictable weather – CAN we put away the jackets now?! – and team and class wrap ups, including year-end gifts.

There are a few approaches to the teacher gift.  You can go with a handmade gift – no, I’m not talking about the crafted gifts our children give us, I’m referring to the  customized wooden sign, mug, or other personalized gift.

You can go with a gift card, either your own gift card or go in with the other moms who have no idea what the teacher would even like.

What about booze?!  Well that’s a touchy subject… MOST of our Pulse FM Facebook fans were very supportive of wine as a gift for a teacher with the overall sentiment that “they deserve it”!  Others said, if the recipient doesn’t drink – they could cook with it or re-gift it.

I personally like to stay away from booze or anything overly personal, unless I have a personal relationship with the teacher.  I just usually go for a gift card to the mall, so that they can select something they like, and if I’m really darned lazy or running out of time, a Starbucks gift card it is.  I do try to write a note to the teacher telling them exactly what I appreciated about them or something I enjoyed this year.  It is “the thought” that counts but I hope they can actually understand my appreciation!

Weigh in on our Facebook page and let us know your favourite things to buy (or receive as a teacher or coach!)