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The “hard sell” will not work for you right now – you may even lose some customers for good using this approach during the COVID pandemic. When I look at investing in advertising at this time my focus is on building and maintaining a worthwhile relationship with the consumer, rather than trying to squeeze some quick sales from them. The question is, how do I build this relationship?

First off, be optimistic, your optimism, will separate you and show people how things should be in your business when this is over. People also prefer to purchase at places that make them feel good.

Second, use your sense of humor – ‘Shave Time, Shave Money’ – from the Dollar Shave Club is a good example. It speaks to the situation of shaving and cost in a clever way,  you will remember it and likely use this line to a friend when talking about the product, making the Dollar Shave Club seem more relatable and human during a socially distant time.

Third, take a walk back through the ‘good old days’, remind your customers of how you were before the pandemic. Keep that memory of the ‘old normal’ alive, times you shared with them, and that you are excited for their return to your business. Let them know you miss them and the way things used to be.

Lastly, ask them what they want from you right now. Connect with them and let them be heard, this builds more loyalty when the customer feels a part of shaping things in the businesses they spend at, especially at a time like now when finances are being carefully monitored. Your job as a brand is to listen, connect, and learn from your customers.

If you can manage these things while keeping yourself and staff healthy & safe, as well as your bottom line – you will get through this and likely take a bigger piece of the business pie once life gets back to ‘normal’.