It seems that everyone on social media is talking about this heat wave in Metro Vancouver and every news update has the same content – FOR GOOD REASON! 40 Degree weather on a Monday? NO THANKS!

I know this heat can make it hard to think clearly (I nearly forgot my wallet on the top of my car at a gas station yesterday), so as your friend, while I sit here in the on-air studio that is a lovely AC dome, I would like to compile a list of 5 simple ways to BEAT THE HEAT.

Number 1: SWIM! We are so lucky to live in a place with multiple beach options for everyone! As a new comer as of 2021, I’ve only been to a few but here are my top 5 picks so far:

  1. Spanish Banks Beach
  2. Jericho Beach
  3. Third Beach in Stanley Park
  4. Sunset Beach
  5. Kits Beach

(I’ve also heard swimming by the White Rock pier is AMAZING so, that is on my to-do list this summer!)


Number 2: Go for a long drive. Many of us (including myself) do not have AC at home. But if you have a car with AC… consider your vehicle your new best friend! Cruise around, turn up the volume on the radio, hang with us, explore the Fraser Valley, try a new drive thru you haven’t been to yet and find a nice place to park and eat in your air conditioned ICY car dome.


Number 3: Two words… ICE CREAM! When we are sweating this much, calories and sugar intake is irrelevant. You deserve your favourite cold treat today. Go get it! If you’re like me and have been hit by the lactose intolerant bug there are tons of vegan ice cream and gelato shops all over! My favourite so far is Mister in Yaletown! Any other recommendations? Send us a message!


Number 4: Cold baths and ice packs! The baths are good for your immune system, muscles, and BODY TEMPERATURE. Also.. they are oddly meditative. So if you are having any kind of anxiety, this will cure that as well. BONUS! As for the ice packs – all you need is ziplocks. Fill a few up with water and place them in your freezer during the day. Then snuggle up with your new ice buddy when you’re trying to fall asleep at night. It was 33 degrees at 10pm yesterday… what is going on?!


Number 5: When all else fails, head to Superstore and pick up a fan. They are currently on sale for $24. Sit in front of that bad boy and just wait for cooler days ahead. You’ve got this!


Any other ideas? Send us a message on facebook or instagram! @Pulse1077


Stay cool friends!


Kate Tattersall