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A new study was done by genetic epidemiologists at the University of Southern Australia says that excessive coffee consumption dramatically increases one’s risk of developing the following disorders: osteoarthritis, arthropathy, and obesity.
Please tell me this isn’t so?!

Of course, caffeine is a stimulant and it impacts the nervous system, which means some adverse outcomes are to be expected as a consequence of downing the java all day!
The 333,214 people in the study whom consumed more than six cups of coffee a day were linked to the full range of diseases mentioned above – 1,117 conditions were examined in total.
Although the they are confident that there are no adverse health effects caused by moderate coffee consumption, they believe people with a family history of osteoarthritis or arthritis should be mindful of their daily coffee intake

Side note: Globally, we drink around three billion cups of coffee each day! That’s a mountain of beans!!