Complimenting a coworker’s outfit can backfire if they take it the wrong way.  And this might sound like the opposite of a good idea . . . but would you be better off talking the way your GRANDPARENTS did?

Someone on Twitter claims “SNAZZY” is the best word to use when you’re dolling out compliments at work, because it’s totally benign.  And it’s so old-school, it can’t possibly be seen as sexual or offensive.

Here are some examples they gave on how to use it:  You could say, “Hey, those are some snazzy earrings you’ve got on.”  Or, “Wow, that’s a snazzy shirt, work friendo!”  (???) Other words like “neat,” “slick,” or “nifty” might work too.  But they claim snazzy is the safest.

Another strategy is to just be factual with your comments.  Like, “Neat, your headband matches your necklace.”  Or, “Wow, your skirt has whales all over it.”  The one thing they say to never comment on are physical attributes.  Like, telling someone their lips look “snazzy” today could still come across wrong.

By the way, I think your lips are snazzy.