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Tonight is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It will be televised across the world to millions and millions of viewers. Yes, millions will tune in. But why? Why do fashion shows and beauty pageants attract so many to watch? There are about as many theories out there as there are viewers, but what you have to admit – they are popular. Perhaps it’s unfair to label both events with the same brush considering they’re technically not the same thing, but when it comes down to it…aren’t they? Half naked beautiful people showing off what they have on a runway. The obvious difference is a fashion show is apparently about the fashion, and a beauty pageant is about how good the person wearing the fashion looks. Both to me are a sign of just how vain we still are as people. Granted, when I was growing up a fashion show meant one thing – attractive people with great bodies! Writing that I felt a ping of guilt but them quickly realized why I don’t have to – because that’s what these shows are really all about. People will watch the shows and say they’re watching to see what the models are wearing. But don’t kid yourself, having the chance to check out a person with that perfect body is the real reason we’re watching. I’ll admit it. Will you?