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We all heard this morning that we are entering into a heat wave here on the South Coast and I know there will be people super stoked and others groaning.  I for one do love a little heat but I prefer the sun and a little cooler temperatures. My ideal weather forecast would be for sunny skies and a high of 25 degrees, you get a tan but you aren’t sweltering in the sunshine. I asked around and alot of people said “even hotter since we get a lot of rain and it’s nice to see the sun.” Others said they couldn’t live without their air conditioner and can it please be fall asap. You can’t please everyone, but I guess if you don’t prefer a certain climate there is always an option to move to one you do prefer.

I do however love the change of the season, I love the summer and I love when the leaves fall and then it gets colder and then the flowers spring and we do it all again. I  really don’t think I could live in a climate where the weather never changes. I love fashion and I love the change of weather which allows me to change the type of clothes I wear. I wouldn’t want to have to always wear summer clothing or always wear winter clothing, that would be boring.

I do also adore my air conditioner in my bedroom though because without it I wouldn’t be able to sleep and that is very important to me. So bring on the heat just not too hot okay Mother Nature, oh in a perfect world.

Stay cool out there!