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My first guest Josh Rimer, produces and hosts a show with interstitial content on Canada's
national LGBT TV station OUTtv. Ummm, say what? Apparently “interstitial” has to do with
small spaces, called "interstices," like the gaps between your teeth, or they can be
figurative, like the few minutes you have between classes. Sooo, I guess we’ll be finding out
ALL about Josh’s little spaces.
Josh was one of the early adopters in social media with his Youtube show called the Sassy
Scoop. He’s now a travel blogger who checks out gay friendly destinations with his
boyfriend and gives us the travel scoop. So between his little spaces and his travel places,
we’re sure to be entertained!
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James Aster and Lynn Windels are Clinical Counsellors and owners of Aster Wellness.
James and Lynn met while James was a Reservist for the Canadian Armed Forces and Lynn
was working in a psychiatric department of a general hospital in Bruges, Belgium.
These two love birds chose to build their lives in Canada and have a commitment to help
other couples in their practice in couple’s therapy. With their vast experience working
with grief and trauma survival, stress-relief, anxiety, troubled youth, sexual abuse
survivors, immigrants and transition, and many other challenges.
These two have dedicated their lives to help others and I’m honoured to have them on to
speak on the pressures and solutions for couples in their relationships.
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