I don’t think most people realize just how much is involved in coaching children’s sports.

Not only do you have to like the actual sport – you have to actually like children and be able to remember 12-20 children’s names.  And that’s just the beginning.

Coaches and other volunteers not only balance the organization of their own family life, but they have to be on top of all the pieces that come with organizing a team.  They typically have to undergo a police check and get certified in some kind of  training that is usually at least an entire day if not two.

They have to get to the playing field or arena extra early and do some setup and they often have to store the sports equipment.  Let’s face it, there’s a lot of pressure on kids and parents these days, and we are not always at our best, especially in those early mornings at the rink or the dark and rainy nights on the soccer pitch.  Our coaches have to stay upbeat and motivational, no matter what!

And might I remind you that these are unpaid positions? In my observation, great coaches are hard to come by.  I know that many parents work, travel, and are just too busy to coach – which is why we really need to appreciate the extra time and efforts put in by great coaches.  It’s really more than just showing up and running around and we need to appreciate that.

This also definitely applies to everyone involved with children’s sports.  Most leagues and organizations have very few, if any, paid positions so everyone you’re dealing with from picture day to evaluations to the organization of the team, is doing this on their own personal time.  Let’s hear it for all the coaches/managers/coordinators!