Sigh, drama much?!

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition party has gone on a Twitter tirade defending it was McCallum who ultimately changed Fraser Health’s mind to reopen the Peace Arch Maternity Ward.

It all started when McCallum sent out a tweet last week taking sole credit for Fraser Health reversing its decision to close the ward.

The tweet got quite a few people and the media fired up, given that a huge rally was held outside the hospital on Thursday where dozens of expecting moms, MLAs, grandparents, medical workers, and more gathered to express outrage over the closure and call for Fraser Health to reverse its decision which it did hours later. Nowhere in McCallum’s tweet did he credit the rally, which he didn’t attend.

Yes, he spoke to Health Minister Adrian Dix and Fraser Health CEO Victoria Lee to discuss the issue, but many believe it was the expectant women’s chants to stay open that was ultimately heard by Fraser Health.

Now, not only is the party continuing to defend how amazing he is, he’s accusing the Surrey Now-Leader reporter Aaron Hinks of reporting #fakenews, saying if he was ‘interested in facts.’ he would’ve seen McCallum went above and beyond to reopen the ward.

Wow, stay tuned for the next episode of ‘As the ‘Surrey’ Turn’!