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McGriddles are officially back at Mcdonalds!

The company tweeted the announcement today (March 30th)




If you don’t know what a McGriddle is, the breakfast sandwich came out in 2003 where it’s basically two pancakes aka McGriddles, with bacon or sausage, an egg, and cheese stuffed in between them. I’s a little slice of heaven that packs one hell of a calorie count at close to 500 calories, but I digress!

 And turns out we have Tom Ryan to thank for the McGriddle.









McDonalds was looking to add a ‘sweet and savoury’ item to their breakfast menu that had the flavors of a syrupy pancake but (here’s the kicker) wasn’t actually sticky on people’s fingers.

Ryan spent two years in a lab trying to create the perfect sandwich, where he eventually came up with the idea to inject syrup crystals into the pancakes to give it the sweet taste but not the stick. Basically a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast but now in your hands. Brilliant!

The guy’s got a flair for fast food flavor pairings as he’s also credited for inventing Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza!

Can you imagine such a job? Working with cheese, carbs, and pancake flavors all day long…I hope the gig comes with a Jenny Craig membership!