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This oughta put a sour taste in your mouth this fine Wednesday morning.

Apparently there’s an increasing amount of men buying and consuming donated breast milk for fitness and nutritional gains.


Say whaaaaaaat?!

If you don’t believe me, check out these ads on ‘‘ of just some of the men seeking the liquid gold.

Now all you mommas out there, before you start thinking “Hmmm hubby’s getting a bit chubby, maybe I should let him have a little sample”, not so fast!

Dangers of consuming breast milk

While the jury’s still out on whether breast milk can actually beef up adult bodies, Health Canada recently put out a warning on consuming unprocessed donor human milk, whether it’s your wifes or a strangers.

As it says in the release 'Obtaining human donor milk from the Internet or directly from individuals raises health concerns because, in most cases, the donor's medical history is unknown and it hasn't been tested. Human milk is a bodily fluid and can transmit substances, such as prescription and non-prescription drugs, and can be contaminated with viruses, such as HIV. Human milk can also spoil or become contaminated with bacteria or viruses as a result of improper extraction, storage, or handling.'

Men drinking breast milk isn’t anything new. Apparently “Husband wants to try breast milk” has even become quite the popular Google Search (hey, anything to spice it up right?!) When I have kids, I know myself I’ll try my own and hey, if my boyfriend wants to have a little slurp (from a glass or sippy cup to be clear) I say, have at her! The taste of breast milk is a natural human curiosity.

However drinking a complete strangers to try and “bulk up” is enough to make me want to puke in my mouth. Surely in 2019 there’s got to be a supplement or protein bar that carries the same nutritional qualities…

Bottoms up!

– Vanessa xox