Ever heard of the BC Mobile Sauna Society? 

Me neither until i came across their story in the Delta-Optimist today in regards to this society that drive around BC with portable saunas and their members all get naked and sit in said portable saunas. 

According to the story, ‘they’ll even provide sauna’s provides saunas at weddings, festivals and even staff retreats across British Columbia. The society also hosts regular sweats around Vancouver, which connect sauna enthusiasts across the Lower Mainland in the spirit of ‘sweat.’

There’s a documentary as well to go along with naked-palooza called, ‘Sweat Together.’ 

Saunas – like hot-tubs – when used correctly can be wonderful things. However in the wrong company, they can certainly be very very uncomfortable as we’ll.

As written in the locker in the men’s change room at my gym: (Sandcastle Fitness) 

“Old Guys in the Sauna are creepy”

For the record it wasn’t me.