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Name: Christina Gower (NDP)

Christina Gower

Current city of residence: Port Coquitlam

Age: 47

Occupation: Registered Psychiatric Nurse

Political experience: Lobbyist/Political Activist




1. Name the top three issues going into this federal election, in order of importance

  • Climate Change/Transportation
  • Affordable Housing
  • Healthcare


2. How would you address those issues if you were elected?


  • I would address climate challenges by directing federal funding into programs that help provinces, municipalities, workers and businesses transition into clean energy/net zero emission projects. One of the crucial things we need to do is protect our current tree canopies and create new standards for the installation of EV hookups. We also need low-cost or free and accessible public transportation options. We need to protect and enhance our tree canopies, forestry and waterway protection programs.
  • Affordable housing MUST BE TIED TO INCOMES. I cannot stress that enough. Affordable is a marketing term they way it is being used now. The NDP will provide 500,000 units of a variety of housing, from helping people that are homeless or couch surfing into safe, affordable housing, to assisting others into co-ops and even home ownership.
  • I have a long laundry list for this one, but providing Universal Pharmacare is at the top and will result in a net savings of approximately $4.3 billion dollars whilst keeping people healthy and out of hospital…creating even more savings. Locally I would advocate for, and work with, the province and Kwikwetlem First Nations to advocate for a centre of excellence for mental health and addictions on the Riverview grounds.



3. What makes you the best person for this job?

  • This is a job I am already doing out of passion to help others anyway. 27 years ago I joined Greenpeace, back when it was scoffed at, and now look where we are today. Almost a decade ago, I became a psychiatric nurse because I was so appalled by the surge of vulnerable people in the downtown east side and wanted to learn where in our system we are failing our people so I could lobby government to correct this. I am driven by justice, equality, and seeking equity for all of our communities, not just the ultra-rich and well connected like governments past.  When I started seeing the ER pile up with people that are suicidal due to being homeless, working people, people that lost their spouse and can’t live off of one pension, people asking to give us their children because they can’t afford to care for them…I took action. I coordinated the very first affordable housing rally in Vancouver. I will never stop fighting to help our citizens and I think they should give me a shot at making a difference in Ottawa.