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Are you sick of your usual date night rotation of either Netflix and Chill or dinner and a movie? Finding someone new and exciting for date night can be challenging, right? Ashton Kutcher certainly understands your pain, and just invented what could be a solution to all your dating woes.

Ashton Kutcher recently put out an Instagram video, explaining that every Wednesday night, he and his wife Mila Kunis have their date night. Although usually the two of them go to dinner or a movie, he mentioned that every once in a while he’d try to come up with something unique and magical for their weekly date night.

Aww, talk about husband goals!

After all the planning and research that went into it, he realized he’d spend countless hours figuring out how to plan a special night for the two of them.

That’s when he had the idea: why not share these pre-planned ideas, so others don’t have to spend hours researching special and personalized date nights? He and Mila decided to start a company called Date Night, which plans out your evening and gives you new and fresh ideas…keep that spark alive!

So, what do you think? Would you use this website to make your dating life more interesting and exciting?

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P.S., the website is if you’re interested.