Netflix Canada is raising the cost of its monthly plan by $1.00 to $14.99, and hiking its premium plan to $18.99 per month, an increase of $2.00.

The basic plan will remain at $9.99.

The company says the price increase will enable it to “invest more in films and shows as well as the quality of members’ product experience,” they said in an email.

According to Netflix Canada, new subscribers will be subject to the higher cost starting October 8, while timing for existing subscribers will depend on their billing cycle. All users will be notified via email and the Netflix app 30 days before the changes apply to them.

Netflix’s basic plan gives subscribers the ability to watch movies and shows on one screen at a time while the standard plan allows for two screens, and the premium gives access to four. Video quality improves with each plan as well.

The last price hike in Canada was in November 2018, when the basic plan was raised by $1.00, and the standard and premium plans both went up by $3.00 per month.