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Looking for some extra cash?  Stop looking under the couch cushions and log on to your Canada Revenue Agency online account to see if you have any outstanding money owed to you!

The CRA recently launched an “uncashed cheque” feature.  The CRA has over 7.5 million cheques dating back to 2008 that haven’t been cashed.  Government cheques never expire, so if you’re one of those recipients who is still owed that money, you can claim it through this feature.

If you sign up for direct deposit, the money will be deposited into your account – or they can mail it to your new address.

Unfortunately I am ALL UP TO DATE – no money for me.  But you may have money waiting for you, so log in today, and click the link on the right side of the page under “Related Services” that says “Uncashed Cheques”.  Let us know if you get some cash back!