Ever have one of those New Years Eves where the ‘best spot’ to be is your couch? Hey…you don’t even have to take an Uber to get to it! (not that you could anyway in Surrey ha)

This year is definitely one of those years. A big reason for that is I got engaged on Christmas Day (Sorry Beyoncé and all my single ladies! It was fun!)

Turns out getting engaged is kinda exhausting (I know, cue the harps) Between running over to my parents house on Christmas morning to show off the ring and listen to my mom’s endless screaming, to recounting stories of the proposal to my girlfriends, sisters, people on the bus, not to mention engagement party and pub nights weaved in between, gotta say, I’m kinda pooped out!

The thought of a nice quiet night in watching Netflix, staring at my hand, and oh yeah…hanging with the man who bought that rock is about all this gal can handle.

Ok….there MAY be a tequila shot or two. I’ve still got some single lady in me.

What are your plans for New Years??!

Apparently I’m not alone, as today’s #PulseMornings poll shows close to 90% of you are also planning on hitting the big comfy couch!
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