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Today is Groundhog Day, deepening on which rodent you follow, we could see an early spring or a lot more winter. All across the country various provinces have their Groundhogs – Nova Scotia has SHUBENACADIE SAM, Ontario has WIARTON WILLIE, Alberta house BALLZAC BILLY…So where is BC’S herbivore? And the answer is…on Vancouver Island. Van Island Violet is a Marmot who has been predicting weather for the past three years and those in the know say Violet is ready to get called up to the big-leagues. Only problem is Feb 2nd is right in the middle go hibernation season for Marmots, so they technically can’t see their shadow because all they want to do is sleep. It’s quite the predicament. As a suggestion – perhaps one of the Goats on the Roof in Coombes could step up (or down, or off…the roof)

BTW – Alberta and Nova Scotia’s didn’t see their shadows – which means an early spring. Ontario’s groundhog did six more weeks of winter misery. As for Van island Violet….still sleeping.