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What’s that saying, no use crying over spilled milk? What about SOURED milk? 

Yesterday when I was driving to work I kept smelling this pungent, fowl odor in my car. I couldn’t put my foot on what it was but let me tell you it was repulsive!

So  bad in fact, my commute to work is only ten minutes long and I still had to pull over to try and get rid of the foul odour, or else I was going to be sick.

I cleaned out a few leftover food wrappers floating around my car (guilty:p), checked under each seat for any months-old food and nope, clean as a whistle. Where on EARTH what is it coming from?

I went to work hoping my rancid reality would magically disappear but nope, when I jumped back in after work the smell was now TWICE as bad. We’re talking throw up in your mouth sour smelling.

Still completely baffled, I began my ride home when it hit me “THE MILK FROM COSTCO!”

Yes, last Friday I bought a 2L jug of milk that somehow never made it out of my trunk. Instead, there it sat in a sealed-tight trunk  in 30 degree temperatures all weekend long. Every day, the liquid goodness turning more and more into a fowl, thick mucus.

In fact, by the time I found it, the 2L  container looked half empty and was half the weight cause all the liquid had sunk to the bottom in one large chunk.

I threw it in a dumpster as fast as I could (sorry garbage men!) but now, a day later I’m still left with the disgusting smell that just won’t seem to go away.

How on earth do you get rid of a sour milk scent in a car? Shampoo all the seats and trunk? Buy one of those disgustingly strong, tree-shaped air fresheners?

Any help is appreciated! Msg me @VanessaLybarra on Twitter or email me –!

Breathe easy my friends. xoxo