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Sears was an institution in this country for many years. 65 in fact. Earlier this week all of that came crashing down as one of the biggest retailers in the country finally caved under the stress of online shopping. But was that the only reason died? From hearing about upper management walking away with great severance packages while the front line workers were left with nothing shows you just how unfair the job industry is in 2017. And you can’t blame the average SEARS employee for ruining a one nighty retail giant – the finger needs to be pointed at upper management right the way up to the CEO. This company all but ignored Amazon and other online retailers the way the music industry ignored music streaming in the 1990’s. Whereas – just in time – the music business managed to work with and eventually make a profit off streaming, SEARS never even tried to embrace the online opportunity. Shame. 130 stores will close ( or are closed at this writing ) and over 12,000 people will lose their job. Enjoy your holiday shopping at SEARS over the next 10-14 weeks. Please take the time to remember the once great retail giant and the people who called it their place of work. NM